El 18º Ciclo ECNR, de reconocido prestigio, tendrá Valencia como una de sus sedes. Sus directores nos remiten esta carta de presentación celebrando la maravillosa oportunidad para fortalecer los lazos entre la ESNR y la SENR, involucrando a toda la comunidad española de Neurorradiología.

Dear President of the Sociedad Española de Neurorradiología (SENR), Dr Nuria Bargalló

Dear Members of the Executive Committee of the Sociedad Española de Neurorradiología (SENR)

Dear colleagues and members of the Sociedad Española de Neurorradiología (SENR)

It is a great honor and pleasure to extend a warm welcome to the 18th Cycle of the European Course in Neuroradiology (ECNR), widely recognized as the most comprehensive and popular course in the field of Neuroradiology and considered among the best globally.

ESNR continues to evolve, striving to deliver the highest standard of education. The recently concluded 17th cycle of ECNR saw 400 participants attending each module, representing not only Europe but also participants from around the world.

This course provides a unique opportunity to delve deeply into the most pertinent topics in clinical neuroradiology. The program is meticulously designed to educate and inspire, with esteemed teachers sharing their expertise and insights on emerging developments in their specialized neuroradiology fields.

As course directors, we emphasize the value of face-to-face interactions and networking with colleagues and distinguished faculty from across the globe. The lectures will offer cutting-edge information across all areas of neuroradiology, and workshops will facilitate interactive discussions on cases and clinical queries with the instructors.

Additionally, this module will feature an MCQ examination, fully endorsed by EBNR and UEMS, contributing to the attainment of your European Diploma in Neuroradiology.

While our commitment lies in delivering top-notch education in neuroradiology, the safety, health, and well-being of our participants remain our utmost priority. We assure you that in the event of substantial changes in global safety or health protocols, we will promptly adjust and communicate necessary updates.

Embarking on a new cycle encompassing four modules, the inaugural module on Anatomy and Embryology is scheduled to take place from 8-12 December in Valencia, Spain. Subsequent ESNR courses will be hosted in Valencia and Prague.

We are delighted with the decision of the Executive Committee to host these courses partially in Spain, specifically in the enchanting city of Valencia. This marks the second time Spain has welcomed these courses in their current format, and we aspire for another successful collaboration.

This presents a wonderful opportunity to strengthen ties between ESNR and the SENR, engaging with all the Spanish Neuroradiology community. We look forward to the support of SENR in scientific sponsorship, local promotion, and contributions to the scientific program. We extend our readiness to collaborate on scientific initiatives, hopefully convening for a meeting in the upcoming months.