Rules of Procedure Neuroradiology Division Of the UEMS Radiology Section

    1. Introduction:The European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS) Section of Radiology (“the Section”) has established a Division of Neuroradiology (“the Division”), in accordance with the UEMS Rules of Procedure (UEMS2008/43 amend.10.08, Section VI.9) and as agreed to by the UEMS Council in their Bratislava meeting of October 11-13, 2007. The Section and the Division are subject to the UEMS Statutes and UEMS Rules of Procedure.
    2. Objective:The Division will, under the responsibility of the Section, represent the interests of the subspecialty of neuroradiology, in particular
      • promote the study of neuroradiology
      • promote harmonization of neuroradiology training and medical practice of neuroradiology to the highest level in the European Union/UEMS member states
      • defend the professional interests of radiologists performing neuroradiology.

      The Division shall achieve their aims in the following manners:

      1. The Division shall recommend the Section on the standards required for training specialists in neuroradiology
      2. It shall make proposals related to the quality and content of neuroradiology training programs
      3. It shall examine the content and quality of training in the European Union/UEMS member states
      4. It shall recommend the criteria to which the training centers shall conform.
      5. It shall recommend procedures to facilitate the free movement of neuroradiology specialists throughout the European Union.
      6. It shall recommend procedures to facilitate e-Health, telemedicine and e-learning as it pertains to the practice of neuroradiology throughout the European Union/UEMS member states.In addition, and under the responsibility of the Section:
      7. The Division will set out an examination to obtain a certificate for recognition of quality leading to the title of “Fellow of the European Board of Neuroradiology”
      8. It will process applications for EACCME credits in neuroradiology in accordance with EACCME rules
      9. It may initiate every other activity which it would consider beneficial.
  1. Structure:The Division is made up of delegations representing the (full and associate) members of the UEMS. Each delegation to the Division shall consist of one delegate of each member country of the Council of the UEMS nominated by that member of Council. Each delegates has the status of medical specialist in the country he represents where he will actively practice the subspecialty of neuroradiology for more than 50% of a full time equivalent. Nomination of delegates has to be confirmed by the national professional organization as listed in the “UEMS member list” in writing to the Division board. In addition, each country may nominate a substitute for their delegates who can replace the permanent representatives temporarily during the mandate of the delegate concerned. The substitute should fulfill all criteria for a delegate. In the case of a temporary replacement, the replaced representative shall inform the President of the Division by letter.The Division board will inform the administrative office of the radiology Section about changes in appointments and confirmation of delegates and their substitutes within a period of two weeks. Once per year the Division board shall provide an updated register of delegates and substitutes, listing the dates that they were first appointed and their contact details to the administrative office, to be published on the website of the UEMS radiology Section ( which will be open to delegates to the Division and the Section.
  2. Division Board:The Division will elect a Division board with three officers: a President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Division. Officers shall be chosen from among the serving delegates from full member countries and will keep the status of national delegate during their term of office. Each mandate lasts for four years and may be renewed once.The election of officers will be initiated by the Secretary of the Division board who shall notify the delegates and the board members of any forthcoming vacancies six months prior to the election. Candidatures for Division board membership, on the instigation of individual delegates or of the Division board, shall be submitted to the Secretary of the board and then announced in writing to the delegates to the Division, the board of the Division and the board of the Section at least three months prior to the election. Election will be decided at the Division meeting by simple majority voting in a paper ballot procedure.
  3. Duties of the Division board:The Board has to ensure that the objectives of the Division are achieved effectively and in good collaboration with the Section. The board is charged with the organization of the activity of the Division and in particular in convening its meetings. The Board has to run a self-sufficient budget. The Board has to approve at least once a year the report of the president and the financial report of the treasurer.The board may form and dissolve temporary working groups and co-opt experts.

    In accordance with the UEMS Rules of Procedure, the board members of the Division have the right to attend meetings of the Section in an advisory capacity.

  4. UEMS Board of Neuroradiology:In accordance with the UEMS Rules of Procedure VI.8, the Radiology Section will exercise its right to create a European Board of Neuroradiology as “a working group with the aim to guarantee the highest standards of care in the field [of neuroradiology] in the countries of the European Union, by ensuring that the training is raised to the highest possible level”.The President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Division together with the President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Section, will together constitute the UEMS Board of Neuroradiology.
  5. Modus operandi of the Division:It is a main task of the Division to formulate views and policies relating to neuroradiology training, professional practice and patient-related issues in the European Union/UEMS member states. The Division will prepare policy papers, that, pending endorsement by the Radiology Section, will have the status of the official view of the UEMS Radiology Section and the European Board of Neuroradiology.
  6. Meetings of the Division:The Division will meet at least once per year, at the instigation of President or Secretary of the Division, or, if they should fail to do so, of the President of the Section.The meeting shall be organized in such a way as to entail a minimum of expenses. They are announced in writing to the delegates, the Section board and the administrative office of the Section at least three months before the date arranged for the meeting.

    To the Division meetings shall be invited: the delegations of the UEMS member countries and the President of the Section. Whenever it seems appropriate, other members of the Section board may attend the meeting of the Division. Upon approval by the President of the Division, national delegates may be represented by a substitute.

    The meeting agenda shall consist of subjects proposed by the Division board and the delegates to the Division, but may be added to by the UEMS council or the Section board. The agenda adopted by the Division board shall be communicated to the delegates, the members of the Section board and the Section’s administrative office at least one month before the meeting.

    The assembly of the Division is legitimally constituted if the majority of the delegates representing full UEMS member countries are present or represented. Delegates have the right to ask the President of the Division for the floor at any time when they want to address the meeting. Delegates of full UEMS member countries (one vote per delegation) and the President of the radiology Section are enabled to cast a vote. Decisions at the meeting will be decided by simple majority voting. It cannot be decided on issues that are not included in the agenda except under exceptional circumstances.

    Approved written minutes of the meeting shall be provided within a period of three weeks to the delegates, the Section Board and the administrative bureau of the Section. The meeting agenda and minutes of the Division will be published on the website of the UEMS radiology Section.

  7. Endorsement of Division proposals, documents and policy papers:The President of the Division has the initiative to ask for endorsement by the Section of proposals, documents and policy papers that have been approved by the Division. The President will provide all relevant documentation to the Section board and the administrative office of the Section at least one month prior to the upcoming section meeting, for timely circulation among the national delegates of the Section. Endorsement of the proposal will be put as a decision item on the meeting agenda.The decision for endorsement will be taken by majority vote during the meeting. The President of the Section has the right to veto a decision of endorsement for one-time-only in case he considers the decision counter to the interests of the Section, in which case the item will be automatically placed on the agenda for the following Section meeting.

    Endorsed proposals, papers and policy documents will be circulated to the UEMS Council and published on the UEMS Radiology Section website as the official view of the UEMS Radiology Section and the European Board of Neuroradiology and pending approval by the UEMS Council, as the official UEMS point of view. The European Board of Radiology can seek additional endorsement by scientific organizations, notably the European Society of Neuroradiology and/or the European Society of Radiology.

    Non-endorsed papers can be placed on the agenda of a next Section meeting for a re-vote, but cannot be published or circulated to third parties as a UEMS paper.


The Division shall assume the responsibility for financing its activities. Financial management is conferred upon the elected Treasurer whose task it is to collect annual subscriptions within the time limits to balance the budget and to inform the Section board and in particular the Treasurer of the Section, once per year about the Division financial state. The Division will pay an annual compulsory fee to the Radiology Section, the amount of which is fixed each year by the UEMS radiology Section board.

Amendments to these Rules of Procedure:

Amendments to the Rules of Procedure can be made only by the UEMS radiology Section assembly, subject to a two-third majority vote, or alternatively, by decision of the UEMS Council.

November, 2008.

Prof. Peter M. Pattynama
UEMS Radiology Section
Prof. Olof Flodmark
Neuroradiology Division
To the UEMS Radiology Section