European Courses for Neuroradiology (ECNR)

The European courses of neuroradiology (ECNR) have been organized since 1984, under the aegis of the European Society of Neuroradiology (ESNR). During the past years their structure has undergone a change and they have been coordinated by the European Board of Neuroradiology (EBNR), which is currently directed by Professor Pierre Lasjaunias (Paris), with the precise aim to adhere as much as possible to the EC regulations for academic education programs. As a matter of fact, the didactic credits provided for by the course of study is intended to comply with the regulations for academic education programs, such as 3rd level master’s degrees. Hence, some European universities recognize the certified course of studies for obtainment of a master’s degree, as part of their Master degree.

The cycles are structured in 4 modules held twice a year. At the end of each module a certificate reporting CME credits is issued after completing a test. Upon completion of all 4 modules (one entire cycle) the participant can ask to hold a final oral examination. If he passes, a certification as qualified neuroradiologist (European Qualification in Neuroradiology EQNR) will be issued by ESNR.

The EQNR is part of the European Qualification, as required by UEMS for Specialities: it anticipated the definitive certification usual for example in the Specialties of Radiology, Neurology or Neurosurgery but is at the moment not accepted as such.

The current 9th cycle of the European courses is actually directed by Prof. Ernst Wilhelm Radü (Basel). The next two modules will be held in Basel from November 2- 5, 2007 and from April 11-15, 2008. Subsequently, the 10th cycle will be directed by Prof. Massimo Gallucci (L’Aquila) and Prof. Alex Rovira (Barcelona). The first course will take place in Tarragona (Spain) in October 9 -14, 2008, whereas the following will be held in Rome in spring 2009.

European Society of Neuroradiology: ESNR